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    Xan supported this idea  · 
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    Xan commented  · 

    I can't say much that's not been said and as Jon likes the idea, he doesn't need anymore convincing.

    However, had this post not been here I would have implored him to implement this.

    I'm a huge Battlescribe fan. I'm a total OCD geek when it comes to list building, I've spent many a happy commute tweaking various rosters. I've paid for a Pro licence mainly as a vote for how good I think the app is.

    However, to a certain extent the app is only as good as the catalogs you can find for it. It's probably 50% of the reason I prefer Battlescribe to Quatermaster (the other 50% being that BS can have more complicated object structures set up concisely). Recently, it's become harder to find updated, accurate catalogs. I'd find just as much enjoyment in setting up catalogs as I would tweaking lists but the only time I'm at a desktop PC is when I'm at work. I'd do all my cat writing on an iPhone.

    I think more than just being a cool feature, this would improve the quality of the content that runs on the app, strengthen the community, make more cats available, in turn making BS even more attractive over competitors, increasing the install base and for Jon, increasing the likelihood that the occasional user would go Pro.

    Like I said, bit of a waffle for the sake of it. And I can only imagine the work involved in making what I assume would essentially be a brand new tool/app in terms of volume of features. But thought it worth reiterating that it would be AWESOME. :D

    And keep up the good work, it's really appreciated. ;)