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Catalogue editor: modifier to set "selections"

In the catalogue editor you can set modifiers to change minSelections, maxSelection, but not current roster selection.

For example:
- Joe (min: 4, max: 4)
- Jane (upgrade, min 0: max: 1)

1) I can currently set a modifier on Joe to make minSelection and maxSelection become 3 when Jane is selected (modifier being 'set' or 'decrement') and using a conditional.
Problem: Joe has a up-down number textbox, if we check Jane you have to manually select 3 Joe's.

2) By using the repeat option of the modifier, I get the same result as above. (NOTE: if using the "repeat" option for every 0 selections, there's an infinite loop when checking Jane in the roster editor)

So my idea is to be able to have a modifier that allows us to set directly the count of Joe to 3 when Jane is selected.

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BlakBat shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
under review  ·  AdminJon Taylor (Developer, BattleScribe) responded  · 

I think this could be done. Bear in mind adding/removing items from the roster is not as simple as just setting the count. That said, it could probably be done via the current add/remove mechanism to achieve what you’re asking.


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