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Crash- adding Fortification or Lord of war

Android 7.0 on a Samsung S7
App version 2.01.02
Using Warhammer 40,000 8th edition info v1.08 (updated today) taken directly from inside the app, which pulled from https://github.com/BSData/wh40k
Error message: Battlescribe has stopped.

When trying to add a Fortification or Lord of War under the Fortification Network or Super Heavy Auxiliary detachment respectively, the app will crash when they are from the Tau empire. I am able to add others without issue so far (from other armies) so not entirely sure if it is a data issue or app issue.

To reproduce: create a Tau list, add Fortification Network and/or Super Heavy Auxiliary detachment, when clicking on the + to add something, the app will crash.

Steps taken so far: updated repository info, deleted and then downloaded as well. Deleted and reinstalled app. Restarted phone and checked for OS updates.

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    I have already done the basic troubleshooting steps a few times, and even just repeated them for good measure.

    I am using a Samsung S7 (not S7 Edge) from Verizon. The app and OS are fully up to date (2.01.02 and 7.0 respectively).

    The crash is happening regardless of how I structure the force/army.

    I made a force consisting of only the Fortification Network pulled from Tau Empire, click the + to add something, the app hangs, then crashes. I do the same with the Super Heavy Auxiliary detachment, with only that in the force, also pulled from Tau Empire, and it hangs then crashes. I will include an album to show you below


    And this showing the versions

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